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why am i still liveing

2009-11-24 18:16:40 by RamoneImpala

Im starting to get bored with life. Most of the things that used to make me heppy are not. Im bored with liveing. Im not ging to go emo. I just dont know what to do anny more. My boy friends is seeing that something is rong and i dont know how to tell him.


2009-10-30 22:14:16 by RamoneImpala

IM GOING TRICK OR TREATING!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so hyper right know! so ya...........ummmmm................... I LIKE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Castle Series LOL

2009-07-09 20:28:10 by RamoneImpala

lol random

Castle Series LOL

300 lolz cat

2009-05-16 22:53:05 by RamoneImpala


300 lolz cat

Max Dan Wiz blog site

2009-05-10 10:32:51 by RamoneImpala

it you are on the max dan wiz blog site or know some one who is and are a big fan fo the castel series. Then goin this group plz.
Castel group

thnx PEACE
plus here is a random pic

Max Dan Wiz blog site

Quot of the day!!!!!

2009-05-02 22:27:58 by RamoneImpala

its not rape if you yell SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*do not take this seriosly

i want to fined out how to make a song my ring tone. if you can help me plz tell me. my phone is a motorola krzr. so help if you can. thnx =:P

i need some help with my cell phone

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My Friend Made a drink. It looks like chocolat milk but its not. o_0

Some people are like Slinkies......they're good for nithing.

But they still dring a smile to you face when you push them down a flight of stairs! :)

Lunch in the art room

2009-04-04 21:47:31 by RamoneImpala

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Hey! so me and some friends desided to make this random vidio at lunch time. then me and the guy that did the "ding fries are dun" thing seid "we shold make a series out of thees thing!" so we are!!!! tell me what you think of this one and the other ones will be beter